Re: [BCAB] Problems with Plextalk Pocket Harding, Wally 07 Sep 2011 07:56 BST

As it's under warranty, it shouldn't cost anything.

Wally Harding
RNIB Hi-Tech Support

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I am currently experiencing difficulties in operating my Plextalk
Pocket. I hope this is because the battery needs replacing, which would
be somewhat surprising as I only purchased the machine on January24
2011. When I switch it on using the mains I hear "Please Wait", but then
nothing happens for many seconds, and then the announcement "Please
Wait" again. Nothing happens when I press any key, except the power key
which switches off after about 10 seconds. If I try using the machine on
battery power only, not even that happens.

I guess this means I will have to find time to mosey on down to Judd
Street before September 19, especially if I want to take the Plextalk to
the Canary Islands with me. How much does a replacement battery set me
Paul David
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