Re: [BCAB] Picking up and recording from input through your USB port 19 Sep 2011 08:46 BST

Hi Clive.

I've never done this and don't have a tape dec which will do this so I
can't give specific instructions for your tape dec.

Typically this sort of device comes up as a secondary input when
installed. I've got a USB mic which does this.
When you plug the tape dec in do you get a "add new hardware" window
come up. If you do it maybe worth following that wizard and tell it to
look for drivers on the disk you've got.
The other option is to Google for drivers for your specific tape player
and see if you can get them with out all the supporting nonsense.

Once you've got it installed then it should be just a case of using
software to record from that input, most will give you the option of
which device on your machine you want to record from.
If you've not got any recording software on your box audacity is pretty
good and free.


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Hello all,

I have a cassette player with a USB       socket. It is designed for
playing cassettes to digitise their content.  In Win XP, how do I enable
the PC to play through the sound card any sound that comes from the tape
deck to the USB port?

Or, is it possible to achieve the same effect by feeding the sound from
the  headphone socket through to the line in on the PC? If it is, what
are the drawbacks with this approach?
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