[BCAB] Just How safe is MSE and Malwarebyte? David Griffith 19 Sep 2011 12:52 BST

I have jus had a disturbing  conversation with NatWest  Online Fraud team.
They wanted to know if I had changed my security software.  I said that I
My previous setup had been Windows XP Pro Eset Smart Security and Super
My current setup is Windows 7 Pro MSE and Malwaerebytes.
I had been attracted to MSE and Malwarebytes because of favorable reports on
this list and the ease of Accessibility.
They said however that they could tell  that my PC setup  was compromised
now and that malicious software was attempting to  monitor my banking log
on. They said that this was the first time that this had been detected and
there had never been a problem with my previous setup. They have disabled my
log in and say that I must not re enable log in until my system is clean.
I have this morning run MSE and Malwarebytes and they both claim that my
system is as clean as a whistle and has never been infected.

Assuming that Nat West security software is correctly identifying an attempt
to monitor my log in this apparently incompetence of MSE and Malwarebytes
presents worries.  Does anybody know a more secure package than MSE that is
more accessible than ESET? Ironically my banking log in is one of the few
areas where I am continuing to use Windows rather than the Mac as I do not
like the way Voiceover reports secure edit text. Of course the solution Nat
West offer in the form of Rapport software knocks out  screen reading on the


David Griffith