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Hi Jill

Welcome to the list

To help with your podcast issue you can delete them using gestures.  It can be a bit tricky though, this is the way I find the easiest.  If you run your finger from the top of the screen through the list of podcasts and get to the one you want, double tap but hold your finger on the screen for the second tap, you will hear the gargled voice.  At this stage with your finger still on the screen swipe to the right.  This will bring up the delete icon.  You can then swipe through buttons as you normally would and it will say confirm deletion of item.  Double tap to delete.

For your book question, click on the book then swipe down with 2 fingers to read the book rather than one line.

If I can be if any further help please let me know

Kind Regards

Matthew Carr
Digital Accessibility Assistant

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I've just joined, though have been on this list before a couple of
years ago.

Anyone who was on Tech A Break might remember me saying I had ordered
the newest Ipod Touch.  Well, now I have it.  I've found it a difficult
experience.  I couldn't set it up myself, 'cos I didn't understand or
know what gestures to do to select things and then find the "next"
button or whatever was there to take me to the next screen.  I tried
looking on Google but couldn't find any tutorials anywhere on actually
setting up the Ipod with voiceover, so apple care and RNIB helped.  I
feel like I take 1 step forward and at least 1 back each time I use the
Ipod, but I'm determined to carry on.

Anyway, I have 2 issues I'd like advice on please if possible.

The first, I've got podcasts onto the Ipod, but I'd like to delete some
off it.  How do you do that please with voiceover?  I've looked up
something on Apple Vis but when I've tried what it says, it didn't work
for me.  It suggested to find the podcast, double tap and hold, then
swipe my finger left to right.  when I double tapped and held, I
definitely heard a different sound to that you hear when an item is
opened or selected, but swiping either did nothing if I kept my finger
on the screen between gestures, and if I lifted, it just moved to the
podcast next to the 1 I wanted to delete.

I've also got some ebooks on here, and have forgotten how to get the
book to read.  they're text, not audio books.  I can open it, find the
contents page and others, but can't get to read the text, not even hear
the word "image."  If someone can remind me please how to read through
an Ebook, I'd be very grateful.

Incidentally, I've got the latest edition of IOS 6 on the Ipod.

Thanks for reading.


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