[BCAB] Archives Gerard Sadlier 16 Nov 2012 12:08 GMT

Hi, to cover a few points:

1. I'm in Ireland, not the UK;
2. The material is legal documents from the 1920s, some of it may be
3. As this is a personal project, I have a budget of whatever I
personally am willing to spend - which is as little as possible.
Research assistance might/would be available if I were say doing a
4. I do not see that a stenographer would be able to type this
material (150 pages approx) for less than several hundred pounds;
5. The material is on microfilm. The archivist inform's me that his
strong view is that this would not come out well under ocr;
6. Only archive staff are permitted to photo-copy material. Indeed,
this is a special consession to me - usually material on microfilm
would not be photo-copied from original documents. The archivist is
trying to provide the best OCR grade copies he can;
7. I would prefer to have the documents available electronically, if
recorded I would need indications like what page it was on etc.; and
8. I await clarification about "choices" referred to in previous corespondance.

Kind regards