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Using Word 2003 and those versions of JFW, I'm afraid I don't believe that
there is a way of accepting all changes at once - though I would be pleased
to be corrected by others who know differently.

As you probably know, it's possible to accept or reject individual changes
using the context menu when the cursor is on the relevant change.  This
proves laborious for a long document with lots of changes though.

It's also possible to view the document with all changes hidden by switching
to "final" view. You can do this on the toolbar if the track changes toolbar
is checked in the View menu.  Unfortunately, this does not remove or
"accept" all the changes in the document, it only hides them from immediate
view by presenting the document in the form it would look if they were
accepted (they are still present in the background).

If your document is devoid of complex formatting, you could switch to Final
view, then copy the text, and then paste it as unformatted text into a new
document.  This would give you a clean version with all the changes gone.
Unfortunately, you will loose all formatting using this method.

If this is a longer term issue, Blazie have scripted JAWS at least as far on
as version 7 (and possibly later versions for other clients) to give you
native keystrokes to accept and reject single changes, all changes, or to
move forwards/backwards through changes, as well as some other functions.
Scripting work of this type might be something ATW would fund, if that's
relevant to you.

 Sorry I can't help more, but perhaps others out there have other ideas.

Kind regards


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Does anybody know how to , using Word 2003, to execute the "Accept all
changes " function.

I am using Jaws 14 but have version 11 and 13 if that would help.

Apparently this is a button which sighted people can see but I cannot find
it with Jaws.

David Griffith

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