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Hi Graham,

I tried Kobo a little while ago and didn't like it. It's a while since I tried it so I'm not sure what it was I didn't like about it and its long gone from my phone. It may well have been that I simply preferred iBooks which is very easy to use.

There is also a Nook app now which is very accessible too. Unlike iBooks, you can't buy books directly from your phone, but the website is easy to use.

Personally, I prefer iBooks and would look there for a title first. I am told though that Nook has a far greater range of titles. At a glance the prices of books seem very similar between these two apps.


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Hi all.  in a recent email from RNIB  about reading on a mobile it was suggested that the Kobo app on IPhone is accessible.  Has anyone tried it and is it quite easy to use?  I've been wondering about EBook readers for IPhone but I understand Kindle  is not accessible.



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