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Re: [BCAB] booksense Steve and Anne Bingham 01 Aug 2011 08:28 BST

Re: [BCAB] booksense Steve and Anne Bingham 01 Aug 2011 08:28 BST

Hello Linda

I was clearing out when I noticed that nobody had responded to your request
for help with transferring files from CD to a BookSense. I don't know why
your client is having problems but I simply use Windows explorer or whatever
it is called in Windows 7.

If transferring to the internal memory of the machine simply connect the
BookSense to the computer. It should show as a removable device.

If transferring to the card then simply put the card into a card reader -
this is faster than using the BookSense. In either case the Card should show
as a removable device.

Load the CD and wait for Windows to read it. When it offers the list of
options choose open folder to browse with Windows Explorer.

The Dic should open showing all the contents. It it is something like a
talking book I copy the contents of the disc and then pace them into the
appropriate folder on the card or on the machine. I usually create a new
folder with the title of the book as its name and paste the contents of the
disc into the folder.

There really is no difference between what should happen in Windows XP and
Windows 7.


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I have a client who has been unable to download CDs to his Booksense since
he got onto Windows7. He used to do it before when he was on XP. He  now has
to have sighted help. Could anyone help him with brief notes  about the main
stages that he needs to do in order to achieve this task?

Linda Fletcher
Adaptive Technology Development Worker
Telford & Wrekin Council
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