Re: [BCAB] moving from outlook express to MS outlook 07 Aug 2011 15:17 BST

Hi Paul,

You can definitely move your stuff without sighted help.

When you open outlook, there is an import/export option on the file menu.
Look through the choices and you'll find an option allowing you to import
from outlook express.

  You'll  also be able to import stuff from your external hard able
to import from

There's a backup program called pf backup which you can download. This lets
you backup the whole jing bang as a .pst file in whatever location you like.
You might want to consider the size of your backup though just because your
isp seems to be storing plenty online. I'm with virgin and I think they'll
store about 100k messages.


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Hi all,

Recently, I lost all sub-folders in outlook express and of course a number
of Emails I had saved.

Whilst all sub-folders had been backed up on my external harddrive, I hadn't
done this for some time.

luckily, I did manage to have around 12 months of Emails re-sent by my ISP.

I am in a position where I now wish to move from outlook express to MS
outlook, given that the former is no longer supported.

Please could someone answer the following questions.

1.   How do I move all my Emails from outlook express to MS outlook, (which
is already installed on my PC) and can this be achieved without sighted

2.   I have all sub-folders backed up on my external harddrive but want all
such Emails on my main drive so I can access them.  How can I do this and
can I do it before moving to MS outlook or can I wait until I have moved
Emails over.

3.   It has been suggested that I could put Emails in say My Documents. I
did this sometime ago on my work PC but found that some of the text of some
Emails was missing.  Is it stil worth considering using My Documents as an
alternative to storing Emails I wish to keep.

I think that covers it for now but no doubt may well have more questions to
ask ast some point.

Thanks for reding.


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