Re: [BCAB] i phone via Broadband Ibrahim Gucukoglu 01 Sep 2011 14:01 BST

Hi Chris.

If the hotel offers you a standard connection through say a wired network
connection, you can simply buy a cheap wireless router which you'd plug in
to the socket which would then allow you to connect your IPhone to the
internet via the broadband connection.  Without more details though, it'd be
tough to say exactly what you'd need, how much work would be needed to set
it all up etc..

All the best, Ibrahim.

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Hi all,

I am off to Zambia tomorrow, and often in African hotels one is offered
Broadband instead of WI-FI.  Is it possible to link to broadband by
connecting my I Phone to my laptop with it connected to hotel broadband so
that I can use Skype which is so much easier on the I Phone?


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