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Re: [BCAB] Android phones Graham Page 04 Sep 2011 23:49 BST

Re: [BCAB] Android phones Graham Page 04 Sep 2011 23:49 BST

I have seen the ChaCha and it looks quite accessible.  I like the fact that
it has dedicated call and answer buttons as well as arrow keys and the full
qwerty keyboard.

Access to android phones is improving all the time but it's probably not as
well polished as access to the IPhone.  It's the inflexibility of the IPhone
interface which is the problem.  In my view the IPhone is really better seen
as a portable computer which happens to have a mobile phone tacked on.
That's now how I use mine.  I have gone back to my Nokia N85 for general
mobile phone use.

In 2 months I will be able to upgrade my phone and I will probably need to
decide between a phone such as the Cha Cha or the apple Iphone 5.  The
rumours suggest  that the IPhone 5 will be quite similar to the IPhone 4 so
I am very tempted by the ChaCha.

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Hello Everyone, I have read with interest all the threads relating to the
Iphone but after several visits to the apple store to have a play I have
decided it's not for me. I would therefore be very interested to know if
anyone finds the Android phones any easier to use, I am totally blind. I
have had a quick look at one called Chacha, what is the concensus on this
type of phone. Sorry for this message being so long. Susan Jones
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