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Hi Steve, Thanks to you and others for assessments to date.  Madeira seems
interesting, as I recall that it's often got quite steep levels near the
coast, so guess that might add another complication.


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There is not a GPS that you could rely on for everything. The best systems
will get you to within a few yards of your destination. Close enough that
you could see where to go or trust a guide dog to get you there. Using a
long cane you would need to find a landmark to help pinpoint your final
destination. What they can do is help you find your way by telling you what
street you are on, what the next junction is and possibly what points of
interest there are around. With most of them you can set an address as your
destination and get a route to it. With some you can create your own route
as you go along by marking points along the way.

The specialist ones - that is those developed for the blind are pricey but
probably give the best results. By far the most comprehensive are the
various varieties of Sendero. Each of these needs a notetaker or similar
device to run but if you want braille they are probably the only way to go.

The Kaptain plus as sold by RNIB is good value for money compared against
the Trekker Breeze.

Most people using Iphones seem to use more than one product to achieve the
best results. Most seem to have Navagon or Tomtom plus the Sendero app
Lookaround. It seems that no one commercially available product does
everything (or at least does everything accessibly).

The situation is changing rapidly. Greater accuracy is not likely to come
quickly as this depends mainly upon the satallites which are owned and
operated by the US military. All the maps that are used are prone to errors
particularly with the location of points of interest. For example with the
Telatlas maps used by Sendero and Tomtom it is not unusual to find three or
four businesses operating out of the same premises. This is because new
businesses are registered but nobody removes the old ones.

So if you have an Iphone you can probably get one of the commercial products
and learn to use it for about #50. The Kaptain plus will cost you between
#200 and #300. A Trekker Breeze will be #500 plus and one of the flavours of
Sendero will be nearer #1,00 (if you already have the notetaker).

Personally, I use Sendero on a Braillenote Apex. This is mainly because I
need to have braille. I use it for walking and when travelling on buses (I
admit it is a very expensive way of not having to rely on a bus driver to
tell you when you've reached your stop). I also enjoy using when we are out
and about in the car. It takes away some of that feeling of being trapped in
a tin box. I am also currently using it to explore Madeira where I am going
on holiday in a few weeks time. The only problem with this is I have to find
out the Portugese names for everything as the maps are in that language.

I also have friends who are very happy with their Trekkers and Kaptains. The
only people I know who are using Iphones for GPS are very geeky and tend to
be those who like to think they are a couple of steps ahead of the game -
it's okay I've said this to them and they both agree.


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What do people think is the best GPS solution for a blind pedestrian these

I've never seen anything sufficiently accurate that I could rely on, but
there must be something out there.

I've been thinking about the Trekker Breeze, but wondered if there was
anything better;  would consider getting and iPhone if that was a runner, as
it would be cheaper than the Breeze, which seems to be just under #600 with
the new postcode support once it's available.
Richard Godfrey-McKay

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