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Thanks for the heads up on this one.  I try not to send cards where possible
because of the general hastle  of buying the card, finding someone with
enough English to make sure the card is appropriate and getting it written.
I will happily  pay for someone to do this  in situations where the person
really might appreciate a card e.g. a card to my remaining grand parent who
does not have a computer.

My only question after looking at this site is how do you pay for the cards?
I see that you can email Mandy with further questions or to order your  card
but then you need to get the money to her.





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Hi All,

I have been away for the last week so only just seen the message inquiring
about accessible greetings cards sites.

I would highly recommend Hand made tactile
greetings cards which are also stunning to look at. Yes, they're made by a
friend of mine but since I've been buying from her other friends and
relatives of mine have gone to her after seeing her cards. The cards can
also have print or Braille messages added if you wish.

Give them a try.


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