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Re: [BCAB] voice speed in Kindle Sue & Ian 06 Sep 2011 11:52 BST
Re: [BCAB] voice speed in Kindle Joe Paton 06 Sep 2011 12:13 BST

Re: [BCAB] voice speed in Kindle Sue & Ian 06 Sep 2011 11:52 BST

Hello, Yes there are 3 speeds, slower, default and faster. When you have got
the speach on the book you are reading press the button to the right of the
space bar, then press the down curser till you come to speed you would then
use the right or left curser to get to the speed you want and press the
enter button.  When I say curser I mean the square on the right handside, I
can't remember what they actually call it. Hope that makes sense. Susan
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> Morning peeps,
> Is it possible to adjust the voice rate for voice guideance or TTS when
> reading a book?
> I can't locate this info in the manual, if i've missed it, I would be
> greatful for instructions on this.
> Thanks,
> Joe Paton
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