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Hi there Janet,

You can change the length of time the phone rings before diverting to
voicemail.  However, you will need to get the code from Vodafone which
contains the voicemail number plus the additional suffix for setting the
time before the divert.  There is also a conditional parameter that
determines under what conditions the divert should be activated.

If you call Vodafone and ask for this they will be able to give you a code
which you can then enter into the iPhone as a regular telephone number.
This will then send the appropriate setting through to Vodafone and apply it
to your voicemail.

Hope this helps,

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Hi all

Does anyone know how I can lengthen the time my phone rings before it goes
to Voicemail.  I could do this easily when I had my Nokia N86 but not sure
how to do it with my iPhone.  I'm with Vodafone and have dialled 121 to get
to the Voicemail and been through their settings but can't find anything
there, and I can't seem to find anything on the actual settings on the

All help greatly appreciated as my phone rings for only about 10 seconds
before going onto Voicemail and I keep missing calls.


Janet & Wheat, the silly Shepherd cross

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