Re: [BCAB] Trying to locate a file Tiddy Ogg 12 Sep 2011 08:48 BST

Assuming you're using some form of Windows, go to the view menu, while in
the file list, select "sort by..." file type.  This should reorder the files
according to the file extension.  The zip file will be at the bottom.

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In my Downloaded podcasts I have a folder of files from the producers of
NovaScienceNow, based at WGBH Boston. This folder contains 146 files, one of
which is, or at least should be, a zip file of the other 145, but since it
is neither at the beginning or end of the list I am unable to locate it
quickly, that is unless anyone out there knows of a way of doing so. My
question therefore is, is there a quick way of finding a particular file in
a file list where the main filename is unknown but which is known to be a
zip file?
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