Re: [BCAB] screen readers on a mac? David Griffith 15 Sep 2011 10:50 BST

I would make three  suggestions.

Firstly with  regards to Voiceover - it is a learning curve without doubt but it does reward the effort and do not despair things will get progressively easier as you get used to this unfamiliar terrain. The best starting point I think is the  excellent David Woodbridge  podcasts produced for Vision Australia. The great thing about these podcasts are that they are professional and very clear teaching aids. There are over 30 podcasts each lasting for about 5 minutes. You may want to skip the basic longer introductory podcasts.  I have found them absolutely invaluable as a guide to  using Voiceover on the Mac .
 If you look up Woodbridge Voiceover and Vision Australia on Google you will find these excellent free downloads.
The second point is to invest in a keyboard with a numpad so that you can use numpad commander. Using Voiceover is transformed with this feature. to toggle  numpad commander on and off press

 VO clear  - clear is in the same position  as numlock on a PC keyboard.   Turn keyboard help on with VO K and then experiment with pressing the numpad keys. This will help learn single button access to a whole range of important Voiceover commands. Once you have learnt these experiment further by turning keyboard help on again and trying numpad keys in conjunction with the shift then the option command and finally inset /0  keys. Further easy access to whole range of voiceover functions will be revealed. You can assign your own commands to nmpad commander and indeed all the  control numpad combinations are left blank available for further customisation. So if you are finding a particular key combination difficult just assign it to a blank key.
Finally there are a number of settings which you can set in voiceover which makes the Mac more familiar to a Windows user   if you want them. These include settings in quick Nab which will make Voiceover work pretty much like Jaws in web page navigation and changes in cursor reading which makes Voiceover work like a windows Screen reader when editing documents. Most if not all of this is covered in  the Woodbrige podcast tutorials.         David Griffith

On 15 Sep 2011, at 09:05, D. Chatten smith wrote:

> hello i have just got my first mac laptop, but i was wondering is ther any screen readers out there that will work on the mac?
> yes i know that it has its own voice over, but i am finding this a bit diffacualt to get around.
> thanks in advance
> david
> Best wishes.
> David Chatten-smith [ scs]
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