Re: [BCAB] wma lossless Joe Paton 15 Sep 2011 22:16 BST

Hello Ted,

Here's a silly question,

How does it sound to you?

I'm fairly sure that I can hear artifacts particularly on long music
notes for example, a piano with re-verb or one that is recorded in an
auditorium where the sound naturally decays using mp3 where the bit
depth is say 128 KBPS over higher bit rates 192 or greater.

It seems that you are a purist, and this is so subjective. so my
thoughts may be of no use to you.

You probably need to view some data sheets on this subject.

This can be a huge problem.  After all, an awful lot of audio I hear
on Digital, is quite frankly pure crap.

I haven't even bought an album on cd where I have been impressed with
the quality or even satisfied.  Maybe a keith jarrett cd, solo piano,
was a beautiful recording but that's rare in my limited
experience.  I dug out some vinyl the other day, a couple of albums
on ECM and GRP;  absolutely beautiful on my turntable.

No more rambling, good luck.  I'd be interested in what you discover.

Kind regards,



At 20:46 15/09/2011, you wrote:
>How do,
>Can anyone tell me if all .wma files are lossless, as with flac or
>monkey's audio for instance?  The programme I mostly use for
>compressing audio offers a choice of wma 9.2, or wma 10
>professional.  ]Are both of these lossless, or do I need a different
>encoder altogether?
>Help and guidance appreciated.
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