Re: [BCAB] K1000 AND MAC Peter Bosher 16 Sep 2011 14:30 BST

Hi Ian/All,

I strongly agree with David T's recommendation of Docuscan Plus and
wanted to let people know a bit more about it, as it doesn't seem to
be very well known.

I've had to do quite a lot of scanning recently and compared Zoomex,
Omnipage and Docuscan Plus

It seems to me that for most needs, it does as good a job as K1000 or
Openbook for about a third of the price.   It handles columns and
tables well, but most importantly, the other systems I tried were
dropping more bits of text when scanning pages with complex layouts,
pictures and such.

Docuscan Plus can do simple scans, batch scans or combined scanning
and reading, and it has the advantage that you can run it from any
networked computer.   I believe that with the Mac version, you have
to run it over the internet rather than on a particular machine,
although that may change, but really I've found it to be just what I
needed so highly recommend it.

To try it and for more background:



At 02:32 PM 9/15/2011, you wrote:
>I'm still seriously considering making the move to Mac.  But as
>someone who does a fair amount of scanning, I'm interested to know
>whether K1000 works with Macs.  Or are there mainstream OCR solutions which do?
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