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Hi Chris

Whilst I realise you are helping us to help others I need to point out the
lack of confidentiality in the email you've just posted.

It contains personal or business email addresses of people - I'd have
thought that anyone on this list would realise how important other people's
privacy is and before forwarding such an email that they remove any other
recipients email addresses and further advise the person they have received
this from of their bad practise in disclosing other's email address who have
neither explicitly or otherwise that we can share their email addresses and
certainly not on a public mailing list.

This is not a personal criticism of yourself but just needed to point out
the breach of the Data Protection Act by sending such an email of which you
and anyone else sending an email in this way is liable of a fine of up to
£2000 (the last time I checked).

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Hi listers,

Sorry for any cross-posting but this looks like a very good opportunity for
any visually impaired 18-22 year olds of your acquaintance as   they would
obviously be able to share the benefits of their own technology skills they
received through the UK support  as provided within our education system.

With kind regards,


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Subject: ICS Volunteer Opportunity - Lesotho Resource Centre for the Blind

Dear All,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to let you know about a new
government programme launched this year - International Citizen Service
(ICS) and more specifically to ask for your help in recruiting six
volunteers for two 12-week placements with Skillshare International at the
Resource Centre for the Blind in Lesotho, departing in January and April

ICS offers young people aged 18-22 the opportunity to spend 12 weeks in
countries in Africa, utilising their skills to tackle some of the most
pressing issues facing young people in these regions and contributing to
meaningful development overseas. Young people are provided with the
opportunity to learn about a new environment and global issues and gain key
life skills supporting their career development plans. All placements
include structured training and in-country support.

Participants do not need to have any prior experience or qualifications and
the amount each young person contributes depends on his or her individual
financial situation. If the participants household income is below £25 000
their placement will be fully funded. You can find out more about ICS on the
Department for International Developments website using this link: <> . You can also watch
a short you-tube video on ICS here:!
<> .

Skillshare International is one of the five agencies delivering ICS. They
are currently recruiting for six 18-22 year old volunteers for 12-week
placements departing in January and April 2012 at the Resource Centre for
the Blind in Lesotho, a small country surrounded by South Africa the size of
Belgium but with a population of 1.8m. Lesotho has breathtaking scenery with
rugged mountains, deep valleys, waterfalls and has the highest lowest point
of any country in the world. The Resource Centre is the only centre for
visually impaired children in the country and was started in 1969 with the
realisation that there was a high rate of visually impaired children who
were excluded from basic education and hidden at home. If you would like
further information on the project, including the objectives of the
organisation, please do let me know.

I would be very grateful if you could please share this fantastic
opportunity to develop young peoples skills and abilities whilst
contributing towards sustainable meaningful projects with your friends,
family and anyone else you know who might be interested in taking part. The
deadline for applications for the January 2012 departure is October 17th
2011 - so please encourage all to apply early, using the following link

Please do let me know if you have any questions relating to this and more
generally, it would be great to hear from you.

With kind regards

Natalie Gordon

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