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Re: [BCAB] BRAILLEMAKER QUESTION David Reynolds 18 Sep 2011 19:53 BST


Try setting up braillemaker so that it just translates into grade 1 first.
You may come up with some weird problems with the French, but you should get
grade 1 english to output correctly. Once this is done, there is a way to
sort out the weird French, but it involves writing a macro in word to
replace the actual C Cedilla e acute etc with the correct Braille

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Hi, Have just used Braillemaker to Braille out a menu for a French
restaurant.  The document contains a French description followed by an
English translation.

The Braille of most of the French is in grade 1, but sometimes the English
translation also appears in grade 1.
I can't seem to work out what determines which grade the programme uses.
Any help on how to sort this out would be appreciated.
Richard Godfrey-McKay

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