[BCAB] Swell Paper/Machine & Braille LaMcAs 23 Sep 2011 23:12 BST

Hello List

Not being a braille user but having the need to occasionally having to give
braille instructions I wondered if anyone on lists use Swell paper along
with the machine that raised the ink on the swell paper (dots).

If anyone does how to you achieve Grade 2 Braille?

I was thinking of downloading the Braille font from the RINIB as I've used
it to try and learn braille but of course it only gives Grade 1 Brail.

All thought welcome.

Larry & Flax GD (Guide Dog)
& Elliot RGD (Retired Guide Dog)
London, UK

Multiple Installer http://ninite.com
Flash Updater http://updateflash.org/
Impartial info on Android & IOS http://www.blindtechsupport.net/
This site alse has a "board" looking for ideas of apps and improvements to
existing apps