[BCAB] Using Skype Charles Nicol 29 Sep 2011 23:07 BST


I was wondering if any of you out there, using assistive technologies, have
used Skype in Conference Mode, i.e. a number of folks are on a call at one
time, all able to interact with one another?

Our church is attempting to teach Bible studies to people, in diverse
locations and has tried this method, however, has experienced problems.
Sometimes, one or two people are dropped from the call without reason and,
when they try to call back in, they end up disconnecting others. Does anyone
have any advice on this?

Is Skype the best solution in this case and are our problems caused by
bandwidth issues? Are there other possibilities for the same kind of
service? I have heard that "Google Plus" offers something similar but am not
sure how accessible it is. Obviously, the church cannot incur a lot of
charges and, whatever solution is chosen has to be accessible to myself, a
blind user of JAWS Speech Software.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing your views.

With Kind Regards,

Charles Nicol.