[BCAB] accessible burglar alarm michael weaver 29 Apr 2012 23:42 BST

my fully sighted sister and her fully sighted husband had an
attempted break in while my mum and dad were away.
is there an accessible burglar alarm for the totally blind?
i heard that computerroom services mentioned something called
sentico i think a while back on their website.
if this is so can it be installed in a bungalow and do you have
to get consent from your local council if you are renting and is
it easy for an individual to set up if this is the case?
fortunately my area is a fairly limited crime area but i know the
family of a girl with a brain tumour was burgled a while back.
i do have a door chain but i leave this off so my family can get
access in an emergency and i am getting some net curtains to go
in front of the real curtains on the windows so people can't look
i have been the victim of a burglary before when i was at
worcester when i had money stolen from a money box.