Re: [BCAB] accessible burglar alarm Gordon Atkinson 30 Apr 2012 10:51 BST

Hi Michael,

I am fairly certain that Steve Nutt of Computer Room Serevices is a contact.

However, I have the following address.

Talking Intruder Alarm System

Supra U.K. Limited
24, the Furlong
Berry Hill Industrial Estate
Droitwich Spa
Tel : (01905) 97772
Fax : (01905) 797773
e-mail -
web-site :

Gordon Atkinson

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Subject: [BCAB] accessible burglar alarm

> my fully sighted sister and her fully sighted husband had an attempted
> break in while my mum and dad were away.
> is there an accessible burglar alarm for the totally blind?
> i heard that computerroom services mentioned something called sentico i
> think a while back on their website.
> if this is so can it be installed in a bungalow and do you have to get
> consent from your local council if you are renting and is it easy for an
> individual to set up if this is the case?
> fortunately my area is a fairly limited crime area but i know the family
> of a girl with a brain tumour was burgled a while back.
> i do have a door chain but i leave this off so my family can get access in
> an emergency and i am getting some net curtains to go in front of the real
> curtains on the windows so people can't look in.
> i have been the victim of a burglary before when i was at worcester when i
> had money stolen from a money box.
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