Re: [BCAB] Looking USB headset recommendations Neela 18 Oct 2012 19:54 BST

How about a logitech one or just one from Maplin.  You can get the ones with
microphone too in case you want to use with Skype.
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Subject: [BCAB] Looking USB headset recommendations

> Hi folks,
> I've never bought these before and rather than just pick a set of the net
> and see what they're like...  What are any of you using?  Sound quality
> doesn't hav eto be amazing.  These will be mainly used for when I'm either
> accessing a machine who's in-built soundcard isn't working or a machine
> who doesn't have one.
> I'd like a pair that are reasonably comfortable.
> Suggestions?
> Cheers,
> Barry.
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