Re: [BCAB] Looking USB headset recommendations Ibrahim Gucukoglu 18 Oct 2012 20:14 BST

Hi Barry.

I use Logitech PC headsets, they do a wide range and are comfortable for the
most part, though that like anything is subjective.  I particularly like
their H800 and H600 wireless models which fold like a pair of glasses for
easy storage and use the near invisible Nano receiver which you can leave in
your laptop even when travelling.  The H800 features media controls and
Bluetooth capabilities where as the H600 is a basic headset with only volume
controls.  If you want something that is mid way between the two, the H760
is a good headset though that is a more traditional neck band design,
doesn't fold and uses a standard USB dongle.

All the best, Ibrahim.

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From: Barry Toner
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Subject: [BCAB] Looking USB headset recommendations

Hi folks,

I've never bought these before and rather than just pick a set of the net
and see what they're like...  What are any of you using?  Sound quality
doesn't hav eto be amazing.  These will be mainly used for when I'm either
accessing a machine who's in-built soundcard isn't working or a machine who
doesn't have one.

I'd like a pair that are reasonably comfortable.



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