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I'm wondering about the keyboard people were talking about a few months ago from a company called something like WaveBox, or BoxWave which was built into a case which also holds the iPhone.  I quite fancy this idea, since one of the few things I really don't like about using the iPhone, is that you can't just dial a number without cranking up the volume enough to be able to hear when you've hit the right key.  I'm wondering if this type of keyboard would allow me to get around this problem, while avoiding the need to carry a separate device, while at the same time allowing me to slip the phone out of the case if I found it too bulky.

Any thoughts?


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I have just ordered the Apple Wireless Keyboard directly from Apple. It may be expensive but well worth it unless you want a foldable keyboard to which the Apple one isn't. The other benefit is easy pairing as all you have to do apparently is turn the keyboard on and is in pairing mode unles it is paired already of course.

Christopher Hallsworth

On 31/10/2012 17:10, wrote:
> Which bluetooth keyboard would any V I users of the iPhone recommend,
> and why?
> Also which ones are best avoided, and why?
> Thank you.
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