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Re: [BCAB] Help with a Blog Vince Thacker 01 Nov 2012 22:02 GMT

Sue, I've had quite a good experience of WordPress, which I've found
accessible with a screen reader. The great thing about one of these
ready-made platforms is that you don't have to do much technical leaping
about, but if in time you decide you want to get more sophisticated,
Wordpress has programming tools that you can use.

Firstly, your group would have to set up an account with an e-mail address
and a password, and would have to decide on a web site name, e.g.,

There may well be a CAPTCHA to solve before you can use the account. You
should be OK if you have Firefox with WebVisum added on.

Assuming you've got your account,.you can begin to post entries. There is an
editor on WordPress, though I like to have the body of the post written with
a text editor first. Enter a title for the post, then paste the body text in
and add some tags so that people searching for your kind of material can
find it. Press the Send or Post button, and you've done it.

Those are the bare bones, at least. There is plenty of help and learning
materials within WordPress, and I'm sure you'll get more help if you come
bak to this list.

Best of luck!


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> Hello, The organisation I work for as a volunteer are wanting to start a
> monthly blog but we have no idea how to do this. We are all visually
> impaired so if we need anything other than the equipment we use now it
> would have to be accessible. Can anyone give me any help, it would have to
> be in the form of an Idiots Guide as this is totally new to me. Regards
> Susan Jones
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