Re: [BCAB] How to Search in Windows 7 David Bailes 02 Nov 2012 09:32 GMT

Hi Gerard,
There's a section on searching in this guide to windows explorer on windows 7:

The guide's written for Jaws users, but it's nearly all applicable to users of screen readers.
The search is very powerful and reasonable straightforward. Windows explorer searches for items in the current location, and by default in any sub folders.
For example:
1. To find items modified today, in the search box type modified:today.
2. To find find files with the extension mp3, type *.mp3
3. To find music files with the word fred or the word beginning with fred in the name or a property, type fred kind:music.
4. To find files larger than 1mb, type size:>1mb.

Note that you can also use terms such as modified:today in the search box on the Start menu. The search in the start menu searches all indexed locations, which by default are all the folders in your personal folder, and all folders included in your libraries.


original message:
Hi all I have never been able to search using windows 7, using explorer. How can I do so, e.g. by date, by size, by extension by wildcard etc. Thanks