[BCAB] Problems accessing the results archive in AVG Free 2013 Chris Cook 05 Nov 2012 08:56 GMT

Morning all!

Is there anyone on here who's familiar with the newly released AVG Free 2013 please? I'm using Windows XP and JAWS9 and have recently been prompted to update my software via the AVG auto update facility. AVG Free 2013 differs quite markedly in its appearance now having ribbons rather than the conventional menu structure. Most things seem to be accessible with a bit of fiddling around and mainly involve routing the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor.

The problem I'm having is that once a scan has run, I can view the results of the scan and then you're given the option to archive it which I typically do. If you then wish to review and subsequently delete records of previous scans, you have to click on the options button and one of the things which appears is labelled "history". This isn't a button like the other options you're given, but there's a "Scroll right symbol" next to the word history. I've tried left and right clicking on it with the JAWS mouse buttons, but can't get it to open at all. I guess this is because you actually need to scroll the mouse pointer over the symbol in order for the history list to open.

Whilst this doesn't affect the scanning of AVG in any way, it would be nice to delete archived results on an occasional basis, to stop the archive growing too big. This used to be quite simple with the menu structure of AVG 2012, but has now become seemingly impossible. Is anybody else having similar difficulties please? or can this be done more easily with a later version of JAWS?

Many thanks for any help or comments.

Best Wishes

Chris Cook.