Re: [BCAB] Microsoft and Captchas Barry Toner 08 Nov 2012 15:34 GMT

Hi Derek,

That's wild.

As a work around you could use Firefox and install the Web Visum

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Having just upgraded to Windows 8 I have discovered that Microsoft has
started a love affair with Captchas.  Once you have Windows 8 in place
need to register with the App store to get access to handy apps. Why I
couldn't use my Windows Live account I don't know but when you register
an App store account there is a captcha on the page! Just to make life
interesting there is no alternative available on the page!!

Having registered, and I am still waiting for my confirmation email, you
need to complete a Captcha when you log in and, you guessed it, there is
audio equivalent.

In an attempt to vent my frustration I went to send an email to the App
store via the 'contact us' pages. Unfortunately before you can send an
you need to enter a Captcha!

All this frustration and annoyance because my wife wants Spider
solitaire on
my PC and Microsoft don't include games with Windows 8.

Derek Naysmith

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