Re: [BCAB] tesco site john 08 Nov 2012 19:45 GMT

Hi Colin,

I haven't used the tesco site in a while but have come across similar
problems on other sites. Quite often it is new content added to the page
dynamically through javascript and although vissually may appear  centre
screen, to screen readers it can be placed at the page end, beginning or in
some cases in the middle of other content. If you have searched the entire
page top to bottom without any joy, you may need to contact Tesco and let
them know of the problem.

Some sites have been known to use text inside an image without any alt text,
and layering this over the page content, having the effect of no new content
to a screen reader.

best, John
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> Hi All,
> Anyone out there proficient with the Tesco Grocery Site?
> When clicking into My Orders then on a specific order clicking View
> details.
> Link name changes to hide details which suggests details are listed
> somewhere on the screen but I cannot locate where?
> I am using Supanova 13
> Thanks for any suggestions
> Colin