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Hi John.

Thanks for the info.
I've read up about the glasses before but I'm not sure about them. According to my wife, they look a little bit strange and a bit conspicuous.


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Hi Nick,

I tried one of these out last year at sv and thought it quite good but very costly. The rnib do a similar product but in the form of glasses. Both work on ultra sound but the ultra cain has a much greater distence up to 4m, weather this is of benefit is debatible on things like how much advance notice one would like.

The basic idea is that you get vibration indication of when an object is in range of the ultra sound path. So for the ultra cain, this covers from just above your head to the floor and about a metre wide with a range of either 2m or 4m. The glasses from the rnib which are priced at £80 I believe, only cover the top half arond head height to chest or waste I think and only does quite close range, not sure exactaly. The ultra cain has two vibrating bumps  on the cain one for the top sencer and the other for the bottom sencer, giving you an idea of where the object is within your forward path. By twisting the cain left or right, it was very easy to get an idea of what was around either side and with a little practice I think would be quite helpful, especially in new or changing seroundings. The glasses from the rnib are to be used with either a regular cain or guide dog. They are not sufficient to use on their own. I haven't yet tried out the glasses but hope to do so soon.

I hope this very quick review gives a little help into these products.

best, John
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