Re: [BCAB] searching for messages in outlook 2010 Richard Godfrey-McKay 11 Nov 2012 15:01 GMT

I don't use 2010 as I understood that 2003 was still a better bet, but I'd
be interested to know if that's still the case.  Could you not use the
Windows 7 search box to find messages you want?
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Hi all

I've reinstalled office 2010 on my home pc, as my employer has migrated over
to win7 and office 2010, so I have little choice but submerge myself into
2010, and learn the dam thing.

When using the 2003 version to search for a particular email, I just did the
"control shift and f" command.  Then typed in the word to search for, tab
once and select "frequently used fields", then pressed enter, and after a
couple of seconds, emails started to appear that included the word being
searched for .

If however I do exactly the same thing using 2010, the emails being searched
for can never be found.  Can't remember exactly what jaws says, but either
way, this method for searching for emails doesn't seem to work for me in

Do I need to change something to make this work?

It's a facility I could really do with having working again, especially when
some in boxes contain hundreds or thousands of messages.

Any help very much appreciated.


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