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Hi Kiran:
I've done Prince 2 rather than PMP but they aren't worlds apart. I did my
training with FGI
and they were very flexible particularly in making sure I had appropriate
adjustments to exams.  I've had a quick look and they do offer PMP so let me
know if you'd like me to dig out my contact there.

Access to training materials can be tricky, one of the reasons that I didn't
go on to do prince 2 MSP was because the training manual, which is published
by government stationary office couldn't be made available in an accesible
format.  I started down the route of equalitiy legislation over the matter
but events overtook me adn it stopped being an immediate issue when I
changed jobs.  FGI were very much involved in that issue and did all that
they could to help so again should be well placed to advise as to whether
access to training materials will be possible for PMP.

Adrian Higginbotham
T: @AHiggi

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Hi All,

As part of career development in my current job role, it was suggested that
I should get certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP
Certification) offered by the Project Management Institute ( I
am looking to find a training provider authorised by PMI. Before I start
contacting and asking if they have the study materials in accessible formats
and so on, I thought I will check with the list to see if anyone has
attempted this already. Thanks in advance for any information you are able
to share.



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