[BCAB] GUIDANCE ON THE USE OF PDF Richard Godfrey-McKay 12 Nov 2012 19:59 GMT

Hi, I'm wondering what is the best place to find some authoritative guidance
or personal opinions on the use of PDf files either on or off the web.

I seem to remember that RNIB used to have some guidance on its site, but I
couldn't find it immediately tonight.

While some PDf files seem fairly usable, others aren't, and I should like to
understand the current position better.  Another point is that it would be
helpful to have some views on whether PDF forms are commonly made to an
acceptable accessibility standard.  I've seen some simple forms which look
OK, but I often find that more complicated material hasn't been set up in a
way that I can use easily.

I should really welcome views on this one please.


Richard Godfrey-McKay

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