Re: [BCAB] Urgent!!! External Hard Drive Not Being Recognized Alex Stone 13 Nov 2012 00:21 GMT

It could be, but in my experience, it usually isn't.

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Hi Ger.

chances are your hard drive's fine. try a different USB port and
different USB cable if you can. it could be a faulty drive enclosure. I
supply a disk recovery service. I used to work for a recycling company
and i still have the equipment we used to use to recover hard drives. I
can run some diagnostics on the drive for you and try and trace the
fault. If needs be i can supply a replacement drive with your data in
tact, or supply a replacement enclosure. My background is system
building, electronics hardware and networking. Please feel free to email
me off list,

and we'll try to figure this out!

all the best,


On 12/11/2012 23:59, Gerard Sadlier wrote:
> Hi all
> My external hard drive is not being recognized on my computer at all.
> I will try it on another machine tomorrow.
> However, I have a lot of data on it, including some I really need
> ASAP, so if anyone could tell me how to fix this problem without
> formatting the disk, I'd really appreciate it.
> I should say that the drive seems fine. It runs normally when plugged
> in on my usb. At least the hard drive is spinning normally. Nor have I
> done anything to the drive, which is quite new.
> Please help on this one if you can!
> Ger

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