Re: [BCAB] Urgent!!! External Hard Drive Not Being Recognized Mobeen Iqbal 13 Nov 2012 00:37 GMT

yep, fair point. I must say though that the failear rate having
recovered plenty of hard drives is a lot lower than the success rate,
the majority of problems users report are easily solved. obviously if
the drive's been dropped and is making horrible scraping/clanking noises
its probably safe to say the thing's nackered.

all the best,


On 13/11/2012 00:21, Alex Stone wrote:
> It could be, but in my experience, it usually isn't.
> Cheers
> Alex
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> Hi Ger.
> chances are your hard drive's fine. try a different USB port and
> different USB cable if you can. it could be a faulty drive enclosure. I
> supply a disk recovery service. I used to work for a recycling company
> and i still have the equipment we used to use to recover hard drives. I
> can run some diagnostics on the drive for you and try and trace the
> fault. If needs be i can supply a replacement drive with your data in
> tact, or supply a replacement enclosure. My background is system
> building, electronics hardware and networking. Please feel free to email
> me off list,
> and we'll try to figure this out!
> all the best,
> Mo.
> On 12/11/2012 23:59, Gerard Sadlier wrote:
>> Hi all
>> My external hard drive is not being recognized on my computer at all.
>> I will try it on another machine tomorrow.
>> However, I have a lot of data on it, including some I really need
>> ASAP, so if anyone could tell me how to fix this problem without
>> formatting the disk, I'd really appreciate it.
>> I should say that the drive seems fine. It runs normally when plugged
>> in on my usb. At least the hard drive is spinning normally. Nor have I
>> done anything to the drive, which is quite new.
>> Please help on this one if you can!
>> Ger