Re: [BCAB] External Hard Drive, Problem With USB Connection Within Disk Mobeen Iqbal 14 Nov 2012 20:08 GMT

Hi Ger,

The short answer is No. Short of trying a different USB Cable, you need
to buy a completely new enclosure for your drive. As i have said in the
past, i would be more than happy to help you get it up and running.
Enclosures only cost around £10, and its worth spending that kind of
money to get your drive up and running. You may have to break your
current enclosure open. If you would like a hand please let me know. I
offer a complete refitting service at little cost, for less than £20 you
could have everything back to normal again.

all the best,


On 14/11/2012 19:32, Gerard Sadlier wrote:
> Hi all
> Well I think it's clear that it's the plug into which the usb cable
> fits in my drive which has become loose.
> The drive itself is a small plastic unit, with no screws etc. Any
> suggestions as to how I can:
> 1. Fix this problem, at least for use of the drive with non-critical files; or
> 2. tighten the pin up long enough to get my data off the drive.
> Thanks for all the help
> Ger