Re: [BCAB] A very off-beat question about JAWS: forcing an error David Griffith 14 Nov 2012 23:38 GMT

I am not sure how to force Jaws to crash but mostly it does it on the web
with me,

However in any case I often use NVDA to recover from Jaws crashes. Typically
NVDA will start up and I will find a windows message saying Application file
for Jaws has stopped working. Do you want windows to check online for a
So yes it is possible to use NVDA to recover from errors.
Occasionally  though, even though NVDA will start, the crashed Jaws and
browser application will not allow a proper return to all the keyboard.  In
particular you often cannot press enter to get rid  of error messages and
move focus away.
For these occasions I have put a shortcut to a restart.bat file on the
Windows desktop with a keyboard shorcut of control alt and f12.
The bat file has one line only and this is
shutdown /r followed by a return.

Executing this will force a Windows restart and prevent the need to hold the
power switch down or pull out the main plug. The shutdown initiates after 60

David Griffith

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Hello all,

here's a question which I feel some people may find rather bizarre. Does
anyone know of any action one can perform on a Windows XP PC which is bound
to cause Jaws to crash?

I'm running JAWS and want to crash it, so that I can test the effectiveness
of putting in a Pen Drive with NVDA to trouble-shoot and wake Jaws up again.
Currently, if Jaws suddenly gives me the silent treatment, I have to ring
our technicians to get them to connect remotely and bail me out. I'd like to
test whether NVDA would obviate the need for me to do this.


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