Re: [BCAB] Archives Brian Lingard 16 Nov 2012 06:45 GMT

Ottawa Canada

 Dear Gerard and List:

You said you have no Research Assistants to read the archival
material into a cassette or digital recorder.

Well you don't need any as the suggestion from the other list
member was that it may be cheaper for you to hire someone to read
the material onto a cassette or digital recorder.

My suggestion is you may wish to hire a good stenographer to type
the material into a Word or Word Perfect file.  These people can
type verbatim at generally 60 WPM and often faster.  This may be
cheaper than having it recorded then dictatyping it yourself.

Out of curiosity, what is your budgeted sum for dealing with this

Also, you could ask the Archivist what they charge for
duplicating Microfiche or microfilm.  But then you still have to
print it or transcribe it.

Do you have your own copy of Kurzweil or Open Book and a scanner?
If so, try asking the Archivist if you may use them in his
Archive.  If you don't presently have this kit, it may actually
be the cheapest alternative and you may be able to get partial or
external funding for it.

Do they make special scanners for OCR of Microfiche or

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