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[BCAB] Archives Gerard Sadlier (16 Nov 2012 12:08 GMT)
Re: [BCAB] Archives Richard Godfrey-McKay (16 Nov 2012 12:15 GMT)
Re: [BCAB] Archives Yusuf (16 Nov 2012 14:59 GMT)
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Re: [BCAB] Archives Yusuf 16 Nov 2012 14:59 GMT

Ger, I think even if you have the documents OCRd your going to have to
have someone go through them and correct them as they are likely to have
errors in them particularly as they are dated from the 1920s and some
are handwritten. As I seen it your choices are these.

1. Get the paper copies from the archive, scan them yourself and then
put them into a format that a sighted person can access in order to
correct them. Its 150 pages and depending on how many errors there are
that could be quite a lot of correcting on top of the 75 Euros? Is that
what you said the cost from the archive was going to be?

2. Employ someone to go to the archive either with you or on your behalf
and either record them, including page numbers, or type up relevant
sections, if you know what they are, or type the entire lot. Again I
don't know how long that will take.

I can't really see any other way round it. I've just completed looking
through The Morning Post for articles relevant to my research and its
taken 5 days to locate, and then make notes on, or take exact
typewritten copies of the relevant articles. That's no where near 150
pages worth though. Basically what I'm saying is that its a large job
your taking on and it is going to cost no matter which option you go for.

On 16/11/2012 12:08, Gerard Sadlier wrote:
> Hi, to cover a few points:
> 1. I'm in Ireland, not the UK;
> 2. The material is legal documents from the 1920s, some of it may be
> hand-written;
> 3. As this is a personal project, I have a budget of whatever I
> personally am willing to spend - which is as little as possible.
> Research assistance might/would be available if I were say doing a
> PHD;
> 4. I do not see that a stenographer would be able to type this
> material (150 pages approx) for less than several hundred pounds;
> 5. The material is on microfilm. The archivist inform's me that his
> strong view is that this would not come out well under ocr;
> 6. Only archive staff are permitted to photo-copy material. Indeed,
> this is a special consession to me - usually material on microfilm
> would not be photo-copied from original documents. The archivist is
> trying to provide the best OCR grade copies he can;
> 7. I would prefer to have the documents available electronically, if
> recorded I would need indications like what page it was on etc.; and
> 8. I await clarification about "choices" referred to in previous corespondance.
> Kind regards
> Ger