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The autocomplete feature is built into outlook, but the reading of the
entries is a jaws feature.

In order to delete an entry from the autocomplete list:
1. Press control N to compose a new message.
2. Start typing letters representing the name of the address you want to
3. If jaws doesn't announce the desired entry straight away, press down
arrow until it does so. Note that you must have the jaws autocomplete
reading feature on before you can do this.
4. When the desired entry is focused, simply hit delete.


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I am using jaws.

I note what you say about removing the auto-complete feature.

Is this then  a feature of jaws rather than outlook.

Can I reset this list, so that it will begin picking up new names to add to
it, instead of the old ones which are currently there and can I also get it
to offer me a list?

At the moment, it contains some names of people I haven't e-mailed in
several months.


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