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A friend has also been quoted a very long waiting time for a software
upgrade to a Sight & Sound product which is out of all proportion to the
work involved in making the upgrade available.  S&S has given no explanation
for why it has already taken around two weeks to respond to my friend's
enquiry, and why it will take a further unspecified amount of time to make
the software upgrade available to my friend.

I wonder whether the company may be having staffing or other resource

Either way, it is providing an unsatisfactory customer experience.


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I have just phoned sight and Sound after emailing through funding
confirmation of My rights to upgrade from Jaws 13 to Jaws 14.
I Already have Jaws 14 installed and just need activation rights.

The person on the switchboard claim it now take 10 days to process this
upgrade with Freedom Scientific.

This seems an extraordinary amount of time to allow for the sending of an
email to Freedom Scientific and seems hard to believe.
Normally if I email Freedom Scientific they reply well within 24 hours. What
on earth can sight and Sound be doing if it is now taking them so long to
communicate with Freedom Scientific?

Is this somebody on the switchboard who does not know what they are talking
about or is this the genuine experience people are having with Sight and
Sound now?
David Griffith.

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