Re: [BCAB] Sight and Sound Jaws Upgrade Ian Macrae 17 Nov 2012 11:10 GMT

clive, I believe you do get what you pay for which is why I decided to leave the world of specialist access tech behind and move to Apple's integrate solution.  the initial outlay is arguably greater though when you add the cost of the screen reader to that of a PC the point is moot.  But I'm not being being periodically stung to upgrade software which then works less well than the previous version did.

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Hi all,

I tried to get through to Sight and Sound three times today. First time I got no answer at all. Second time I got through to the message saying they were all busy, and was then transferred to main Switchboard. Third time, on pressing 3 for blind and partially-sighted technology support (or whatever), it was picked up by someone who didn't announce which department they were in, and who turned out to be in sales. It transferred straight through to them because all lines to V I technology support were busy. I wonder if you got through to someone in the right department or not. If not, would that they'd said so.

I'd be interested to know some people's take on this one: on our website we have feedback buttons, to "rate this page". When I go into that area with JAWS the three buttons are presented to me as:
3 button.
2 button.
4 button.

When I switch off the highly-priced JAWS and go into the area using freebie NVDA, the buttons are presented as:
Rate as good.
Rate as average.
Rate as poor.

I was brought up to believe that you get what you pay for. Bang goes the theory!



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