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At Astec, we can always sell you a copy of jaws, deal with upgrades, let you
know which version of jaws you are entitled to receive on the same day you
ask for the information, undertake authorisation resets, and of course
provide training including via a remote connection.
The new website for Astec is being launched this week.

Very sorry for the commercial but the general question was asked.


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Hi all!

Worrying news about Sight and Sound; I've always found them to be very
prompt, proficient and helpful. I'm looking to upgrade my version of JAWS in
the near future, so hopefully things will resolve themselves there soon.

Are S&S the sole distributors of JAWS in the UK? I think they used to be,
but if this is no longer the case, then where else can JAWS be purchased
from please?

Many thanks for any help.

Best Wishes


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