Re: [BCAB] Archives Brian Lingard 18 Nov 2012 06:40 GMT

Ottawa Canada

Dear Gerald and List:

Thank you for describing the rules in effect at the archives
about only their staff being allowed to photocopy documents and
that the material is on reels of microfilm, not microfiche.  And
that some of the material is handwritten.

I can definitely see your problem.  One thought that comes to
mind is contacting a retired stenographer or really good and
accurate typist and asking if they would be willing to do the
work at less than what a commercial steno firm would charge.
They might love the chance to keep in practice and might even be
interested in the sort of matters the legal docs encompass.
Another idea is to search for a small herd of volunteer typists
to key the material into laptops then read their finished work.
If other students in your class are doing similar research,, you
may find them amenable to doing this, but your project sounds
rather specialized.

Not sure who you would contact with a view to funding your
project.  Sometimes fraternal organizations will fund projects,
especially if it involves something they were involved with at
the time the docs were written.  Heard Ireland is virtually bust
so guess you can't ask The Irish Sweepstakes people or another
lottery for help.

Thanks for filling me in about being in Ireland, not the UK.

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