[BCAB] E-mail prblems with JAWS 13 Jim 19 Nov 2012 14:27 GMT

Hi List,

Using JAWS 13 (latest build), XP Home Office 2003

Since last Friday both Jaws 13 and JAWS 7.0 have stopped announcing the
e-mails in my In-Box or those listed in other folders.

Pressing the Down arrow to move to a new message only results in JAWS
announcing "Unread".

If I press Alt+Tab to leave the Folder and repeat the keystroke to return to
the folder JAWS announces all the details and I can either read the e-mail
or delete it. Deleting an e-mail simply results in JAWS saying "Unread
again, or if there is no other new message to read JAWS stays silent.
Moving the cursor back up the list to old messages also gets no response
from JAWS.

I'm not sure if the other problem that has just resurfaced is linked.

If I am trying to do a Sort in a Bable and I get to the point where I have
to select either "Ascending"or "Descending" when I move the cursor onto
either value both are announced as Unselected.  I have had this problem
before but it suddenly cleared itself.

Jim Williams