Re: [BCAB] government gateway Laurence Taylor 19 Nov 2012 14:49 GMT

Graham, saying there are three things wrong is being unduly generous!

Apart from the fact that the half-ID displayed is a graphic not text, so
unsuitable for screen readers, and impossible to copy and paste (and
sent encrypted and not cached, so you can't get it back when yu find you
need to - of course, you don't realise this until it's to late).

I had a perfectly good login for the government Jobsearch site, but this
is now defunct, meaning I cannot now access any of my stored jobs.

Plus, and something has gone seriously wrong here, when I do finally
manage to log in, I get a server error saying URL is too long! Or some
other error that changed every time I refreshed the page.

Obviously someone though this revamp was a good idea without actually
testing it!